An outdoor ceremony at Bawdon Lodge Farm, Leicestershire

As we are about to head full on into the outdoor ceremony season, I so happy to be sharing with you some beautiful pictures, of an outdoor ceremony we had the pleasure of writing and conducting at Bawdon Lodge Farm in North Leicestershire.

From my initial meeting with Leanne and Rich, I knew it was going to be a super-chilled out day and very stylish. They were SO relaxed about things in the best way.

It was really important to both Leanne and Rich that the ceremony was quite short and sweet, but also allowed their personalities to shine through... check out the smiles on their faces at the end:)



Leanne's friends Candice and Laura made the arch, which was a labour of love, but definitely worth it! 

 Leanne made all of the table flowers and bouquets herself, whilst Maid of Honour Roxy made the floral headdress. I know !!  Some seriously talented people at this celebration.

I asked Leanne what she liked best about their day ....

'How relaxed and stress-free it was - everybody said how much fun it was and that's exactly what we wanted from the day, our closest people having an absolute blast and celebrating with us ! '

What did you like best about Bawdon Lodge Farm ?

The freedom to do whatever we imagined and the great amount of help that Lynn and Richard gave in every aspect of the day ! '

Thank you Leanne for not only sharing your day with us but also these great pictures taken by  Sarah Brittain Edwards, which truly capture what a fantastic day it was x