Keeping memories alive. 


A memorial service/ceremony is an opportunity to remember loved ones. Planning it in the right way, can ensure it is a unique and personalised tribute. 


The family can choose when the memorial takes place. It can be a few days/weeks after the funeral service, or on a special anniversary or meaningful date. 

We write and conduct beautiful, bespoke ceremonies, tailored to suit each individual’s family’s wishes. We are completely flexible, working and supporting the family to ensure the memorial is fitting and dignified. 

There are no set rules; It can be long or short, can include religious, non-religious or spiritual content. There is the freedom to add your own personal touches such as readings, poems, prayers and the laying of flowers or wreaths- the choice is completely yours.  

With the landowners permission, we are happy to conduct Memorials at any place or time; families can choose places of meaningful significance to themselves or their loved ones. The Scattering of Ashes, planting of trees and displaying of commemorative plaques will need landowners or waterways permission.  

My Perfect Ceremony are kind, caring and compassionate, listening to your wishes whatever your situation, to create a truly personalised memorial.   

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