A colourful Woodland Wedding !

This wedding ceremony and celebration has taken 2 years of planning, where Liam and Liam created the Wedding Day of their dreams, starting with a very personal and at times funny ceremony in the woodlands of Leicestershire.

Liam had surprised Liam with a beautiful pocket watch for him to wear for the ceremony, which Liam proudly wore whilst helping with the finishing touches to the marquee, which was styled in every colour of the rainbow.

There were smiles all around at the ceremony as the guests listened to the edited version of their story ( some of the stories they told me sat around Liam's Mum's kitchen table were hilarious, but we thought it best that they were possibly kept for the speeches after !! )

It was clear to see that Liam and Liam absolutely adore each other as they made their promises to each other in front of their family and friends.