A colourful hand fasting ceremony

I had an amazing time working with the lovely Aaron and Cleo, who are as relaxed and as laid back as they come !  From our 1st telephone conversation, Cleo and I hit it off straight away.

Cleo is really creative and very talented, designing everything for the ceremony, the reception and making the bridesmaid dresses herself.

It was lovely to see her enthusiasm and feel part of it, it was definitely infectious. When she excitedly told me about the bridesmaids dresses she had made, I asked if she had done anything like that before. " Nerrr,  I just had a look at a few u-tube videos and thought I'd give it a go. I mean, I just thought, how hard can it be?? " was the reply.

I mean, seriously??!! Thankfully they were not employing me for my seamstress skills as I would have been able to illustrate just how hard it can be when you're not too handy with a needle and thread! :) 

Cleo and Aaron are both super-smiley all the time and made me feel so welcome in their home, but they were literally beaming on their special day.  Cleo had it planned in her head perfectly :)  The guests were to arrive about half an hour before the ceremony where they would be treated to the sound of 'Goodnight From him' playing in the sunshine ready for the outdoor ceremony. Their beautiful sons would walk down the aisle in front of her and her brother would walk her down the aisle. 

 Cleo and Aaron are both very close to their family and wanted them all involved in some way. Cleo came up with the idea of inviting all the guests to bring a ribbon, which would be part of an elaborate hand fasting ceremony. 

Their attitude towards everything was 'it will be fine. It will all come together one way or another'.   And do you know what? It did.